Why do you take photographs?

Edit: My answer: “We do these things not because they are easy…but because they are hard.”

Looking at Art, The Triumph of The Winter Queen - The MFA, Boston


Excerpt from The Painted Girl: “How High Can This Helicopter Fly?”

The skyline recedes into the distance, as the rivers and buildings and New York and New Jersey all blend together until there are no borders, no roads, no people, no cars-there is just one large agglomeration of concrete and…


The Photographs of The Painted Girl

"Eye Contact - NYC"

Compiled by and Copyright Brian Neuls

”„,and a sailboat in the window.”

The Burrage - Boston

"Each year, Amazon improved Kindle’s appearance and performance."

The author makes it sound as if Amazon was working magnanimously to give consumers a better product, instead of what Amazon was really doing, which was incrementally increasing the value of a product to so consumers would buy a new one each fucking year. So goddamn disingenuous. It’s all propaganda. Or better, it’s all bullshit.

The Burrage Detail - Boston The Burrage Detail - Boston

The gallery placement in the MFA is impeccable.

"Faith is a cop-out, it is intellectual bankruptcy."
— Dan Barker

It is coercion and mind control. It is the framework crazy cult leaders use to gain followers. The only reason it’s called ‘faith’ and not ‘coercion’ in the few cases where it’s called ‘religion’ is because of influence and time. Time and enough of that coercion to make you believe it’s any different than any other cult enough to be called ‘faith’.

Knight Vanquishing Time, Death, and Monstrous Demons


Philips Wouwerman