The “Indian Tea Association”, a conglomeration of the growers of Assam tea in India, banded together because of what they called ‘gross interference and oversight’ into their handling of what were called ‘coolies’ on their tea plantations. The Assam Labour Emigration bill, among other things, tried to ensure that each ‘coolie’ knew the terms of his contract and what the contract said. (After all, these ‘coolies’ were working over 10 hour days picking and hauling tea for what were slave wages). The ITA’s response to this particular provision was: “The indigent coolies are too illiterate to even write their names on the contract, why would we accept this provision?”
…see what they did there?

'The Homeless Philosopher'

I’m making an allusion to life posting this quote, not weapons or the military. One can be armed with ‘intelligence’, ‘money’, ‘power’ and any other thing possible beside weapons. Be ‘armed’ in all you do, in the metaphorical sense, through intelligence, power, station or the like. An unarmed person is at the whim of those who’ve prepared themselves:

"Between an armed and an unarmed man no proportion holds, and it is contrary to reason to expect that the armed man should voluntarily¬†submit to him who is unarmed, or that the unarmed man should stand secure among armed retainers. For with contempt on one side, and distrust on the other, it is impossible that men should work well together. Wherefore, as has already been said, a Prince who is ignorant of military affairs, besides other disadvantages, can neither be respected by his soldiers, nor can he trust them.”
— Machiavelli

Hidden History America Pilot Episode

Creator/Host: David Deutsch
Videographer: Brian Neuls


Here is a sneak preview of a scene from the second episode of Hidden History America, The Untold Story of Slavery in the North.

Host/Creator: David Deutsch

Videographer: Brian Neuls

At the Cafe, Monday Afternoon

From the “At the Cafe” Series