On Age Being a Rationalization to Kill Civilians

We should be fucking disgraced and ashamed with ourselves that we rationalize killing civilians by saying a person’s *age* is a rationalization to kill now.

"Mr. Obama embraced a disputed method for counting civilian casualties that did little to box him in. It in effect counts all military-age males in a strike zone as combatants, according to several administration officials, unless there is explicit intelligence posthumously proving them innocent."

Fucking ashamed.

Call me cynical, but anyone else notice how the news didn’t really care about ebola in Africa until two white Americans got it? Or maybe more to the point, they knew the viewers wouldn’t care until two white Americans got it? An even more cynical man would say they chose only to tell you then to condition you not to care about it until two white Americans got it.

“I believe that anybody living anywhere upon the face of the globe, if they were to simply take the time and do the research, would find an incredible nest of wonders buried right where they were standing, right in their own backyard. I think that all too often, in the 21st Century, and throughout the 20th Century, we tend to spend our everyday existence walking along streets or driving along streets that we have no real understanding of, even if we see them everyday, and they just become fairly meaningless and bleak blocks of concrete, whereas, if you happen to know that such-and-such a poet was incarcerated inside an asylum upon this street or that such-and-such a murder happened here or that such-and-such a fabulous, legendary queen is buried in this vicinity: all of these little stories, it makes the places that we live much richer if we have a knowledge of these things. All of a sudden, you’re not walking down mundane, dull, everyday streets anymore, you’re walking down fabulous avenues full of wonderful ideas and incredible stories.”
— Alan Moore, “Five Questions for Alan Moore” 
“We owe it to history to understand we weren’t born yesterday, to know who we are and where we came from and what our country has been responsible for.”
— Maggie Renzi

On Creationists and ‘Equal Time’

As Neil DeGrasse Tyson said: “No, creationists do not deserve ‘equal time’.”

They are free to believe what they want, but just because they believe it does not mean it deserves ‘equal time’. How many of us would give ‘equal time’ to scientologists and their take on creation on Xenu and thetans? Myth does not deserve ‘equal time’ simply because it’s had ‘so much time’.

On Buying “Air in a Can” in a Big Box Store

So here’s the exchange:
"I need to see your ID."
"No, you don’t."
"I’m sorry, I do."
"And I’m saying you don’t."
"It’s the law, now."
"I don’t care. You’re not seeing my ID, and I’m leaving with this can of spray aerosol." (It was ‘air in a can’).
"Then I can’t let you leave with that aerosol can."
"I’m going to give you this bill and you’re going to give me the can and change, and I’m not giving you my ID."
(An extended silence ensues)
"Please give the cashier your date of birth."
"(Random numbers told to cashier by me)."
"Thank you."

Apparently, you can’t buy a can of spray aerosol without being accosted for your ID.

My first non-fiction book title:

"You’re all fucking morons."