The Photographs of The Painted Girl

"Saxophone - Central Park, NYC"

Compiled by and Copyright Brian Neuls

You exist in a system that gives free shit (up to and including cars and houses) to people beyond rich enough to afford them and takes food stamps away from struggling families.

This is Charlie Chaplin on Wall Street in 1918. When I see a photo like this, all I can think is how this is nowhere near possible anymore. Wall Street committed criminal acts, and what did the government do? What was Bloomberg doing installing himself with a third, illegal, term? To close off this area from any chance of anyone getting to this area. Today, this is a warren of gates and turnstiles and checkpoints and hidden roadblocks. This area is a fortress for Wall Street, when it should be back to this, back to the people. Shame on you, Bloomberg, and shame on the apathy of New York.

The profound ignorance (and vile misinterpretation of recent historical events) of someone actually saying to me “The world is having problems because they’re turning away from god”.
Whose god? What god? The world is only bad now? What about the long, awful history of that church that worships that god you worship? What about the actions done by people in just this last decade who did those actions in the ‘name of your god’. The world isn’t ‘going to hell’ because of turning away from your god, the world is going to hell because your god has such a stranglehold on this society you believe is going to ‘hell’.

*Turns on History channel* Historian: “Because if you read in the bible-” *Immediately turns off History channel*


Excerpt from The Painted Girl - The Journals in Novel Form
Compiled by and Copyright Brian Neuls

"This stupid bitch, one time, I was at a party at her house in high school and someone knocked something off the shelf and she turned and screamed at me as if I had done it-"
"-these are the…

She didn’t get it when I said I want to ‘excoriate society’ as a vocation.

Whenever someone tells me we’re living longer than we ever have, I always have to ask: Who is? If all of humanity isn’t sharing the same longevity, then it’s no fucking admirable feat.